our work (not complete)

as some people already expected or know we (NoName Crew) are not a real crew, only a one man crew, so the work and history of NoName Crew is quite the same as TLB’s

1987 - 1990
I started with gaming on a Atari 130XE. after some weeks gaming sucks so I started to code in BASIC. But as everyone knows BASIC is not fast and needs memory for itself, so I tried some other languages like PASCAL, C, etc. ... but the devel-tools and the results of this languages were lame and slow.

After some steps in assembler 6502 better results were expected in next time.

Yeah, finally our 1st intro called "The Mission - Part #1 - Practice" was released. The intro with full sourcecode was also released on "Mega-Magazine #5" (a international disc-mag for 8-bit-Atari from Holland). This piece of work was coded in asm6502 using Torsten Karwoth’s 130XE+ Assembler.

I coded a part for "The Halle Project 1993" a demodisc released at the fair in Halle with contributions from different german coders. Inofficial my part called "The Mission - Part #2 - Bugtro". Our 1st real demo "The Mission - Part #3" raped some sectors of one of your discs. The demo is smaller as my previous but contains a very fast section of code, faster than done by other coders so it’s "a real demo". Both done in asm6502.

Again, a fair in Halle so I coded a part (still in asm6502) for the demodisc "The Halle Project 1994" called "The Mission - Part #4". I joined Slight on sep/09/1994. Done some optimizations in co-op with Kandor/Mador on a COPPER-ROTATOR by NOBLEMAN/MADOR in asm68k.

I won as one of the maincoders (coded six parts) of Slight the Atari-8-Bit-Demo-Compo in Orneta august/4-6/1995. TLB recoded the soundroutine from Ingo Tamme one of former gods on atari xl/xe. The result was twice as fast and four times smaller as the original. Both coded in asm6502.

Oh my god I bought a Sega Saturn with Sega Rally and a Playstation with Formula One.


TLB coded a small rotzoomerfader for the Playstation in C. 1st version of our web-site launched the net. Decompiled, raped, patched, enhanced a JAVA-program for SPIV. 2nd version of our web-site went to trashcan.

We bought our .Com domain. 3rd version of our web-site hits your screen. In co-op with CB a moded implementation of a Dijkstra’s for the local public cable train company’s web-site coded in PERL. TLB coded again a tiny JAVA-program for SPIV. And finally after 13 years I coded my 1st trainer, lives trained in a game called SNOKIE (atari xl/xe, oldsk00l-asm6502-rulez).

Our web-site went to version 4.